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Hot! The Office – Why Things are Falling Apart


Warning: Spoilers Ahead

As season 9 unfolds it seems that everything is falling out of place. With Jim and Pam’s relationship falling apart, with the cast breaking the fourth wall, and with Andy looking like the bad guy after being away for three months but keep hope alive.

As a film student I like to believe that I am a bit conscious as to why The Office is doing what they’re doing and taking all these risks. Fans are becoming a bit irritated with all these changes to the show but my question is why?

Think about the state of the show. After falling off on the 7th season with the departure of Steve Carell’s character, Michael Scott, and the show being in its last season there is a lot to make up for. The show cannot end with unanswered question and does not want to end on a bad note or keep the audience bored.

Shaking up the lives of the few characters that are keeping the show alive is actually making the viewer keep watching. I bet at this point you’re going to watch the show because you want to know what crazy outcome will come of the next episode and how Pam’s relationship will further crumble. This is all but needed madness to keep the show we love so much rolling to its series finale.

If the show had not taken such bold moves to shake things up, viewers will begin to lose interest and the final season of such a great show would have been a waste. Just sit back and let the writers of The Office do what they do best, entertain you to the finest degree.

- Flamgodian

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