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Hot! Samsung Helps Develop Smart Contact Lens

Smart Contact

A group of researches and two samsung departments have been working together to make nanotechnology that could make smart contacts a reality.

With all the recent attention that google glass has been getting an appearance of a similar product was certain to surface, it was only a matter of time.

“Our goal is to make a wearable contact-lens display that can do all the things Google Glass can do,”

- Jang Un Park

With a combination of diodes, soft contact lenses and nanowire the computer contact lens is close to becoming reality. The contact lens was tested on rabbit subjects because of their similarity to the human eye with and it came up with no negative reactions.

The lens is still in its early alpha stages as the group has only been able to mount a single pixel on the lens. I doubt any of us will be seeing something like this competing with google glass anytime soon but at least it gives us a hope for the future. The lens has acquired much attention and its audience is clearly interested.

Now imagine a world where you can check status updates and get directions from your eye. Not something mounted on your head but something in your line of sight. Does this scare you for potential future drivers or do you welcome the innovation?

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