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Hot! Redbox Instant Launches for the Public



For those of you who love Redbox or don’t know what Netflix is, your time is finally here. Redbox instant has come out of closed beta and has gone public for fair use. For anyone interested they may now sign up for Redbox Instant here and start their 1-month free trial.

There were some issues that had risen in the past with Redbox’s instant streaming service while it was in closed beta but the hopes are that they had listened to consumer feedback and fixed these issues before publicly releasing their product. The streaming service seems to be revolving primarily around movies and not much focus on television shows like Amazon Prime or Netflix. The streaming service will run for $8 a month and will include 4 physical rentals from any of their kiosks a month.

As a Netflix subscriber I will not even be testing this service because it seems no different to the service I am already receiving. If you would like to try the service for yourself go ahead and let us know how it is.

- Flamgodian

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