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Hot! Google Introduces Google Keep

Today Google released Google Keep, a simple way to organize all of your daily thoughts and activities.

Think of Google Keep as the Evernote of Google with all of the same basic functions and uses. It is mainly media based which means you can save pictures and audio. The application allows you to set things like reminders, make lists, add captions to pictures and pretty much archive everything as soon as it comes to mind. It truly is the Evernote by google.

The best feature of this whole thing is that, because it is cloud based, you can easily access all of your notes and reminders from any one of your devices. Google is definitely stepping up their game in terms of eco-system and making everything easy to access with their cloud. We all know Google is good at taking thought up ideas and making them better but how long before Apple makes an Evernote-like native app and will it be better than Google Keep?


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