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Hot! Facebook News Feed Redesign

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Facebook is the social networking giant that has managed to retain its position by change based on user feedback. This constantly evolving social platform hits close to home to many of its users because it allows people to seamlessly connect and share with those close to them.

One of the biggest problems with the site, based off user feedback, was how cluttered the news feed seemed when browsing and this is why Facebook has done what they’ve called a “spring clean”. The’ve done things like increase thumbnail size and provide breathing room so that everything does not seem cluttered on top of everything else.

The redesign seems to mimic the mobile app in simplicity and ease of usability. When a friend shares something it becomes more prominent in your news feed. If it’s a video a huge thumbnail is displayed or if it’s a restaurant check-in it’ll show a map with the location. To the right you still have notifications like pokes and upcoming events but now the feeds can be divided into photo feeds, music feeds, and all friends feeds along with your custom feeds.

In my opinion an update like this has been long overdue. A while back we talked about Myspace and how its redesign sparked new interest, I guess Facebook took notes. This redesign brings new light to the already huge social network. The cluttered news feeds drew users away from constantly scrolling through. I have high hopes for this redesign and what it has to offer.

The new layout is not yet available but if you would like to learn more and be notified when it does become available you can subscribe to the mailing list here.

So what do you think about the new news feed? Does it look better or is it a step back?

- Flamgodian

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