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Hot! AT&T Will Still Unlock its Customer’s Phones

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The Library of Congress has released their official statement on the unlocking of cell phone devices but that doesn’t seem to stop AT&T. They have released an official statement basically saying that they will unlock contractually fulfilled devices using a code. Users can then do as they wish with their unlocked device.

AT&T breaks down what the legislation means for its users and makes it very clear that its customers will not be affected by it. AT&T stated that they will unlock up to five contractually fulfilled devices per year.

“The Librarian’s ruling will not negatively impact any of AT&T’s customers.”

The unlocking of phones became a big issue when The Library of Congress pressed down on the unlocking of devices making it more difficult for consumers to do as they wish with their devices. AT&T will still unlock your devices but it is still up to them to do it, you cannot take your own action.

How do you feel about AT&T taking matters into their own hands? Do you think other carriers should do the same?


Source: AT&T
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