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Hot! 5 Things We Look For In Smartphones


We have reached a day and age where a phone that simply makes phone calls is nowhere near good enough for out pockets. If your phone doesn’t sent text-messages, take pictures, record video, set alarms, play music, receive emails, have access to the internet and the ability to download third party applications we simply do not look twice but sometimes even all of that is not enough.

So what is it that every consumer wants? What is it that makes a smartphone so desirable, what do us consumers look for in a smartphone while making a purchase? Well, I’m here to clear the air because we unknowingly demand so much from our internet-enabled smartphones.



Let’s start with the basics, well what the basics have become. The definition of functionality has changed among smartphones as time has progressed. Phone functionality now includes phone calls, text messages, internet access, games, and an application market to keep it simple. It is safe to say that if a device is released without one of these it would not be taken seriously.


Ease of Use:

A device has to have some kind of fluidity to it. Take the iPhone for example, its success is almost completely based upon its ease of use. Anyone can simply pick up an iPhone and be able to use all of its features. Devices that constantly crash or make it difficult to complete simple tasks get swallowed in the sea of smartphones.



Everyone wants the best looking device. The HTC One and the iPhone 5 are two beautiful devices and that alone brings in good figures. Consumers want their device to look presentable in front of others. Flip phones won’t cut it any longer and devices with keyboards don’t seem to be on top any longer either.



How much you can customize your device plays a huge part in whether or not a device is successful. Android devices have this in the bag with their almost completely open OS. Apple devices, on the other hand, hold the advantage in accessories. Apple devices lead in docks, cases and camera accessories. These things, while minor, affect how much consumers desire a device.


Release Date:

Unfortunately this has a lot to do with how much consumers want a device. With the amount of devices that are constantly being released consumers always want the newest.


Creating smartphones has continuously become more difficult as demand rises. The reason that devices are constantly being released is because of consumer demand. We, as consumers, require so much out of our smartphones without noticing it. Having an innovative feature is not enough for a device to make it in the smartphone market. Take the Kyocera Echo for example, it had so much promise with it being innovative but it failed in ease of use and appearance.

What do you look for in a smartphone?


- Flamgodian

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